Top 10 Advantages of Integrated Software

Posted on

28th August 2017


Nick Smith

Any fast growing SME can quickly get in a muddle with their software systems and how they manage their business. Typically they form, install a basic accounts software, grow steadily until they require a CRM system, grow the business further and add order management software, further growth then requires an inventory control system and purchasing application. By this time they have outgrown the basic accounts software and seek a bigger accounts system which in turn may not link with the spaghetti junction of other products managing the varies business functions! Ahhh!!

Time to rethink this mess and find an integrated management product that will manage all aspects of the business operation which links with an advanced cloud accounts system like Xero.

Integrated software combines key functions such as CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory management, workflow (MRP) and reporting in one application. This offers many advantages to the business. In no particular order, we’ve considered 10 top advantages for you:

  1. Cost Saving: In most cases significant cost savings can be achieved. As in our consumer lives we are rewarded for buying from one supplier rather than each item from a different source. The cost saving extends beyond initial purchase or monthly fee when you consider the support, update or license fees that may be charged by one or more of your different systems.
  2. Time Saving: Having all of your key data in one system significantly saves time. Reduced staff training, no re-keying, maintenance, upkeep,
  3. Increased productivity and efficiencies: Vastly reduce the laborious time spent on admin tasks, freeing the staff up to focus on important tasks that convert more sales and deliver the product quicker.
  4. Standards compliance: Every business will face audits Minimize time of external audits
  5. Unparalleled teamwork
  6. Improved reporting
  7. Easy access to support
  8. Central secure storage
  9. Ease of update
  10. Significant visibility improvements

Omono offers data in real time, no lag between third party interfaces.

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Business Targets and Why They Are So Important

Posted on

21st August 2017


Nick Smith

You may think every business works with clearly defined targets, however many small businesses don’t! But how do they implement growth strategies you ask.. If you run a small business you understand it doesn’t work like that! Every day is different and presents its own unique challenges keeping you from planning progressive futures.

A large enterprise would never dream of operating without measurable performance indicators (KPIs) for individuals, teams and the company as a whole so why should you as a small business.

You need measurable targets when:

  1. There is uncertainty over how well your business is performing
  2. You feel the business moving in a different direction to originally planned
  3. You have introduced new products or services
  4. The current business plan is out of date
  5. The growth you anticipated isn’t being achieved

The core benefits of measurable targets are;

  1. Gain instant feedback of how the business is performing
  2. Allows for improved strategic decisions, building sustainable growth
  3. Improved understanding of product lines, e.g. re the recent changes or introductions really working
  4. The whole company can see their hard work paying off, increasing morale and motivation

As a minimum, every small business should have a sales target. This should be a figure that achieves a profit after all costs and allows for year on year growth.

Often small businesses operate without measurable targets because they are using outdated management systems or products that simply do not manage enough of the business to produce accurate informative feedback. A modern SaaS product like Omono manages all aspect of the day to day operations, sales and purchasing therefore important KPIs can be reported on in an instant.

Omono’s online platform centers around a Dashboard module that instantly feeds back to the user performance against target for sales of the day, month and year. Omono takes this a step further by showing output performance for the same periods, output is equally as important as sales, these are the jobs you are actually invoicing and getting paid for.

Having access to this information regularly and easily allows you to quickly spot trends and prevent downturns by making strategic changes enabling sustainable growth the business desires and can control.

If you are not measuring your business performance or find it tough to find this information on your current system why not try Omono now for free.

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Welcome to Omono

Posted on

14th August 2017


Nick Smith

If you are reading this for the first time you’re most likely new to Omono and undoubtedly will be asking what on earth is Omono?

Omono is the simple online business management system that has been designed to enable small business to operate in the cloud. Omono manages CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory, reporting and importantly the workflow knitting the entire business together!

The on demand nature of modern life and business has put increasing pressure on productivity.

Our vision has been to create an integrated SaaS solution for small business. The team have outdone themselves with a product we are delighted to introduce you to.

Omono loves small business and as a result the system has been designed with SME’s in mind. From conception it has been our mission to provide a viable management software solution to small business that removes administrative struggles which are often the barriers to growth.

Benefits of a cloud SaaS system like Omono are;

  1. Low entry cost, set up fees and implementation charges
  2. Improved security – think online banking!
  3. An internet connection is all the infrastructure required
  4. Ease of access to support, e.g. Omono’s in app live chat
  5. Increased productivity, access your business anytime anywhere
  6. No more paying for system updates

Once the right SaaS product has been found for your SME business the ROI can be immeasurable. As Omono is an integrated solution you will see a boost in sales, optimised purchasing, streamlined operations and great control of your inventory.

Omono launched with simplicity in mind not only throughout the powerful functions of the app but also the set up and payment. We’ve deliberately chosen one price structure from launch, no hidden fees, no paying for limited features – one amount per user per month for the entire app including all integrations!

Think the power of large scale ERP systems packaged in something simple that’s a joy to use anywhere anytime via the cloud and you have Omono. Please have a browse of our site, try a 30 day free trial or contact us if you would like to find out how Omono can help your business.

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