Omono Wins Best New Business Award 2017!


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22nd November 2017

At Omono we believe in providing small businesses with the tools they need to do great things! Our passion for small business is what drives our product innovation.

We’ve worked at, bought from or sold to SMB’s and seen great potential go to waste because of inadequate or inappropriate software solutions…

4 Financial Management Tips for Today’s Small Business

Nick Smith


15th November 2017

These days, any small business can fail for a number of reasons. Problems related to finances are often an area of concern. Regardless if a business sells quality services or products to its consumers, success will be difficult to attain if there’s a lack of consistent cash flow to cover for business-related expenses…

We simply love Customer Support

Nick Smith


25th October 2017

We all love to receive great customer support, fact.
Purchases are often chosen based on how good the customer support is so why do so many companies risk losing valuable customers by providing poor customer support…

The Desire for Agile Sales

Nick Smith


18th September 2017

What does agile sales mean?

The word agile means – Ability to move quickly and easily. Let’s apply that to sales, the ability to move quickly and easily when a business opportunity presents itself…

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