If you are reading this for the first time you’re most likely new to Omono and undoubtedly will be asking what on earth is Omono?

Omono is the simple online business management system that has been designed to enable small business to operate in the cloud. Omono manages CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory, reporting and importantly the workflow knitting the entire business together!

The on demand nature of modern life and business has put increasing pressure on productivity.

Our vision has been to create an integrated SaaS solution for small business. The team have outdone themselves with a product we are delighted to introduce you to.

Omono loves small business and as a result the system has been designed with SME’s in mind. From conception it has been our mission to provide a viable management software solution to small business that removes administrative struggles which are often the barriers to growth.

Benefits of a cloud SaaS system like Omono are;

  1. Low entry cost, set up fees and implementation charges
  2. Improved security – think online banking!
  3. An internet connection is all the infrastructure required
  4. Ease of access to support, e.g. Omono’s in app live chat
  5. Increased productivity, access your business anytime anywhere
  6. No more paying for system updates

Once the right SaaS product has been found for your SME business the ROI can be immeasurable. As Omono is an integrated solution you will see a boost in sales, optimised purchasing, streamlined operations and great control of your inventory.

Omono launched with simplicity in mind not only throughout the powerful functions of the app but also the set up and payment. We’ve deliberately chosen one price structure from launch, no hidden fees, no paying for limited features – one amount per user per month for the entire app including all integrations!

Think the power of large scale ERP systems packaged in something simple that’s a joy to use anywhere anytime via the cloud and you have Omono. Please have a browse of our site, try a 30 day free trial or contact us if you would like to find out how Omono can help your business.