Any fast growing SME can quickly get in a muddle with their software systems and how they manage their business. Typically they form, install a basic accounts software, grow steadily until they require a CRM system, grow the business further and add order management software, further growth then requires an inventory control system and purchasing application. By this time they have outgrown the basic accounts software and seek a bigger accounts system which in turn may not link with the spaghetti junction of other products managing the varies business functions! Ahhh!!

Time to rethink this mess and find an integrated management product that will manage all aspects of the business operation which links with an advanced cloud accounts system like Xero.

Integrated software combines key functions such as CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory management, workflow (MRP) and reporting in one application. This offers many advantages to the business. In no particular order, we’ve considered 10 top advantages for you:

  1. Cost Saving: In most cases significant cost savings can be achieved. As in our consumer lives we are rewarded for buying from one supplier rather than each item from a different source. The cost saving extends beyond initial purchase or monthly fee when you consider the support, update or license fees that may be charged by one or more of your different systems.
  2. Time Saving: Having all of your key data in one system significantly saves time. Reduced staff training, no re-keying, maintenance, upkeep,
  3. Increased productivity and efficiencies: Vastly reduce the laborious time spent on admin tasks, freeing the staff up to focus on important tasks that convert more sales and deliver the product quicker.
  4. Standards compliance: Every business will face audits Minimize time of external audits
  5. Unparalleled teamwork
  6. Improved reporting
  7. Easy access to support
  8. Central secure storage
  9. Ease of update
  10. Significant visibility improvements

Omono offers data in real time, no lag between third party interfaces.