We all love to receive great customer support, fact.
Purchases are often chosen based on how good the customer support is so why do so many companies risk losing valuable customers by providing poor customer support?

Whether your business is wholesale distribution, manufacturing, online or face to face sales it is imperative customers feel they can approach you for help with confidence their problems will be rectified in a speedy and professional manner.

What is the basis of good customer support?

  • A good understanding of who your customers are
  • Know how your customers like to communicate with you
  • Be approachable
  • Check in with them from time to time
  • Be prepared
  • Make sure the entire team have appropriate knowledge of your product
  • Deliver your support fast
  • Empower customers to solve their own problems
  • Bad customer support will lose you money, another fact.
    Stop at nothing and make sure your customers always love your service.

    With Omono we spent time learning from our customers, what their requirements are and how we can exceed their support expectations. It was important for us to provide the following support channels:

  • Live messaging support within our software
  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Online help centre
  • We chose Intercom to help us engage and support our customers. Intercom offers the simplest and most effective way possible to respond, engage and educate your customers online, we really can’t speak highly enough of Intercom!

    The customer experience is one of the most important factors we measure and vital to our growth therefore we would be horrified to learn a customer is struggling and we haven’t done everything we can to get them on track and continuing to grow their business with Omono.

    The success of our customers will remain most important to us – they are the heart of our business.